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Drone Photography Benefits for Hospitality Real Estate

The hospitality industry thrives on visual appeal and operational efficiency.

Drone Photography Benefits for Retail Real Estate

In the fast-evolving world of retail real estate, staying competitive means adopting the latest technologies to enhance property management and marketing.

Drone Photography Benefits for Residential Real Estate

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in today's fast-paced real estate market.

The Impact of Drone Photography on Agricultural Real Estate

Agricultural real estate, including farms, ranches, and timberland, plays a significant economic role.


The Impact of Drone Photography on Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate, including factories, warehouses, and distribution centres, is a critical component of the property market.


Types of Real Estate Drone Photography

In the dynamic world of real estate, captivating visuals play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers and investors.


The Impact of Drone Photography on Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate, encompassing office buildings, retail spaces, and hotels, is vital in the property market.

Drone Flight in Windy Conditions: Top Tips

Drones have transformed numerous aspects of our lives, from aerial photography to surveying and beyond. But, they can be notoriously difficult to pilot. If you've every wondered how to fly or pilot a drone in windy conditions, or what kind of settings you need to have in place, then read on. 

How Drone Companies Can Elevate Your Project

With technology constantly evolving, drones have become essential tools in many industries. But, when using them, should you hire a professional drone company or try to navigate the process yourself or with a freelancer? If you've ever struggled with the 'what' and 'why's' of this question, then read on. 


What Aerial Photographers Bring to the Table

In a world where Instagram-worthy images are commonplace and stunning imagery is now the norm, aerial photography has transcended from a niche hobby to a cornerstone in countless projects across various industries.

Why a Professional Photographer is Worth it

In today's world capturing moments has become as easy as a quick tap on a smartphone.

Drone Inspections of Water Tanks for Municipalities

Water tanks are an essential part of our water supply infrastructure, providing safe and clean water for our daily needs.

Using aerial drone photography in landscape design

Using drone photography in landscape design

In recent years, the use of aerial drone photography has revolutionized the field of landscape design.

Team photos that will set your company apart

Aerial photography for team photos

Aerial drone photography is quickly becoming the latest trend in team photo shoots, and for good reason.

Through a Drone's Eye: Embracing the Seasons at Bousquet Mountain

Imagine the whisper of skis gliding across the snow, the laughter echoing from the tubing park, and the quiet rustle of leaves along the hiking trails.

Through a Drone's Eye: The Grandeur of the Colonial Theatre

Step into the past, where the walls echo with applause and legends have graced the stage; welcome to the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield.

Through a Drone's Eye: Rediscovering the Hancock Shaker Village

Embark on a journey above and around the tranquil simplicity of the Hancock Shaker Village, a testament to a bygone era of innovation and humility.

Through a Drone's Eye: Exploring the Berkshire Museum

Welcome to a new perspective on Pittsfield's own Berkshire Museum, a beacon of art, history, and natural science.

How to Use Drone Videos to Boost Local SEO

In today's digital landscape, Local SEO is no longer just an option; it's a necessity for small businesses aiming to attract nearby customers.

Why Every Small Business Should Consider Drone Videos for Marketing

Are you aware that incorporating video content on your landing page can enhance conversion rates by as much as 80%?

Drone Photography Over Large Crowds: A Step-By-Step Guide

Remember when capturing the essence of a large outdoor event meant static cameras, handheld shots, and maybe—if you were fancy—a crane or two?

Drone Photography Over Water. A Quick Guide

Drones and water—two elements that can create some of the most captivating visuals you've ever seen.

How Drones Immortalize Moments for Families and Businesses

As technology has evolved, so has the art of capturing memories.

Birds Nest

Drone photography for preserving wildlife habitats

Introducing a new Eco-friendly solution for tree removal: drone scouting!

Marketing Luxury Properties with Aerial Photography

Drones. They're not just a gadget for tech enthusiasts anymore.

How Successful Real Estate Marketers Use Drone Photography

In the cutthroat world of real estate, success hinges on marketing prowess.

Essential Tools for Real Estate Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays an increasingly crucial role in today's real estate world.

Why Drone Photography Services are the Future of Visual Content

In a world where visual content is king, drone photography revolutionizes how we capture and experience the world around us.

Lighting Techniques for Real Estate Drone Photography

High-quality real estate imagery has a profound impact on a property's marketability.

The Rise of 360-Degree Cameras in Drone Photography

In the rapidly evolving world of drone photography, one trend is pushing the boundaries of what's possible: using 360-degree cameras on drones.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drone Photography

The advent of drone technology has marked a significant shift in how we capture and perceive our surroundings. 

How Drones are Transforming Commercial Advertising

In recent years, drone technology has made significant strides, becoming increasingly accessible and revolutionizing various industries, particularly photography and videography.

Why Some Realtors Aren't Using Drone Photography

In recent years, drone photography has revolutionized the real estate industry, allowing agents and companies to capture stunning aerial images of properties.

Drone Services: An In-Depth Look

Drone technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, leading to a surge in demand for drone services across various industries.

Dangers of flying in Uncontrolled Airspace: Safety Tips

The risk of midair collisions between drones and traditional aircraft is always higher at altitudes where both aircraft share the same airspace.

How Drone Inspections are Transforming Inspections of Large Infrastructure Projects

What Constitutes a Large Infrastructure Project? A large infrastructure project typically refers to any large-scale project or natural asset that involves the construction, maintenance, or renovation of essential public facilities, transportation systems, or utility networks.

A Guide to Hiring a Drone Photography Service Provider

If you're looking for a stunning way to capture images or videos from the sky, then a drone photography service may be the perfect solution.

Why Local Businesses Should Invest in Drone Photography

Drone photography has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses across various industries, and for good reason. Not only does it offer a unique perspective and stunning visual appeal, but it can also provide valuable insights and efficiencies in various business functions.

Drone Inspections' Cost Efficiency Over Manual Inspection Methods

Manual inspections are expensive and time-consuming, but drones can help businesses save money and increase the efficiency of their inspection process. Companies can unlock new cost-saving opportunities with minimal effort by using drones to inspect hard-to-reach areas and gather data more quickly than before.

Comparing Aerial Photography Drone Services for Maximum Impact

If you're looking for an aerial photography drone service but don't know where to start, this guide can help. We'll explore the features and benefits of popular drone companies so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your needs.

Drone Inspection of Mt. Holyoke College Campus, South Hadley

Location Overview:


Colleges and other educational institutions require periodic drone inspections to ensure that structural integrity of building infrastructure. Mt. Holyoke College, a liberal arts women's college in South Hadley, Massachusetts is no different.. The campus is situated on over 800 acres of rolling hills and features a variety of architectural styles, including Georgian and Gothic Revival.

Drone Inspection of St. Anne's Church, Chicopee, Massachusetts

Location Overview:

St. Anne Catholic Church, Chicopee, MA

Drone Photography in the Winter - Top Tips

Massachusetts in winter is a truly magical time. The air is crisp, the trees are barren, and the snow-covered landscape provides a stunning backdrop for photos and drone footage. With that said, drone photography in the winter comes with its own set of challenges.

Building Inspections Made Simple. Here's How.

All across Western Massachusetts, building owners and real estate management companies work with us regularly for drone building inspection projects.

Factors to Consider for a Successful Drone Photography Shoot

A drone shoot is one of those things that need to get done right the first time around. In many cases, there's limited time available to capture that perfect set of shots and the client quite literally 'doesn't have all day.'

Drone Photography vs Traditional Photography And When to Use it

Whatever your business or industry, the need for images and/or videos for sales material, marketing collateral, client presentations, project supervision, and countless other reasons is perennial.

Qualities of a Great Drone Pilot

As drones have become more accessible and affordable, their use in a variety of industries has skyrocketed. Drones are now being used for photography and videography in everything from real estate to wedding shoots.

How Drone Inspections Can Help Maintain Historic Buildings

New England is a northeastern United States region consisting of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The area is steeped in history, from its early Native American inhabitants to the Pilgrims who famously settled in Plymouth Colony.

12 Industries That Benefit from Drone Photography

Drones are quickly becoming an industry standard for a wide range of tasks - from inspecting cell towers to capturing aerial footage for marketing campaigns. Here are five industries that are benefiting immensely from drone photography and drone technology.

6 Tips for Indoor Drone Photography

Indoor drone photography is one of the most difficult techniques to master from a drone pilot's perspective. Cramped spaces, obstacles at every turn, and a multitude of other factors necessitate a skilled pilot in order for the shoot to be successful. Here are 6 tips from our own FAA Certified Drone Master Pilot with thousands of hours of drone piloting under her belt. 

Everything You Need to Know About Drone Roof Inspections

Let's start with the most obvious question we get asked a lot - what are drone roof inspections? In its simplest form, drone roof inspections are an easy, affordable, convenient, and safe way to inspect the roofs of homes and commercial buildings for weather damage, normal wear & tear, and any other potential issues that can become much larger issues if left unchecked.

The Drone Wedding Photography Guide

Today, thanks to Instagram, we're all used to seeing absolutely stunning wedding photo's taken in equally stunning locations, most often set against the setting sun, the ocean, or even breathtaking natural wonders like the Grand Canyon.

How to Choose the Right Drone Company

The commercial drone sector is experiencing exponential growth and evolving each day, as are the industry's regulations and technology. This is why businesses of all sizes need to comprehend how to select the best drone services company for their business applications.

How Drones Can Help Solar Farms in Massachusetts

Although Massachusetts ranks 13th in the country amongst states producing the most solar power, the numbers paint an encouraging story of sustainabilty and eco-friendly, renewable energy production.

The Boom in Commercial Drone Inspections

Over the last couple of years, drones are increasingly becoming a mainstream solution for inspection & maintenance services across a variety of industries. From energy & power transmission to real estate and everything in between, you would be hard-pressed to find an inspection & maintenance company today who don't use drone inspections in some shape or form for their clients.

10 Easy Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings

The real estate market in Massachusetts is white-hot right now with realtors facing a whole host of challenges that make succeeding a steep uphill climb. That's not to say it's not possible, however, with the best in the business continuing to bring in new listings and clients to the envy of those lower down the ladder.

5 Realtor Challenges in 2022 and How to Fix Them

18 Days. That's how long on average homes are going from being listed on the market to being bought in Western Massachusetts. To put that figure in a clearer perspective, the Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley reported the median home price in the region was up 14% from $250,000 in 2020, and that a buyers market was still very much in effect.

Top 14 Questions on Real Estate Marketing Videos

Let's start by first assuming that you already know why real estate marketing videos are essential for promoting your business and your listings.

10 tips on drone photography for realtors

By now, most realtors in the industry have heard about drone photography for real estate, what it is, why it's useful, and how it can help transform ordinary listings into ones that have the phones ringing off the hook.

12 types of drone real estate videos

By now, it should come as no surprise to anyone in the real estate business that listings with video see a gigantic bump in inquiries, we're talking as much as 403% according to a study published by Inman a few years ago.

5 Reasons to Work with a Drone Company for Real Estate Videos

It's no secret that drone technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. Real estate companies and realtors now can capture stunning aerial footage of properties, giving potential buyers a bird's eye view of the property before they even step foot on it.

Drones in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry in the United States includes lodging, food service, and tourism. It is one of the country's largest industries, with over seven million hospitality workers. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and businesses must constantly strive to provide excellent service and create a memorable experience for their guests.

How to Maximize the Reach of your Drone Real Estate Video

Let's state this article by congratulating you on taking a solidly sound decision of getting a drone real estate video shot. You've spoken to an experienced drone company like Western Mass Drones and they've done a fantastic job in shooting an amazing video for your listing/s and then sending you the high-quality video.

12 Solar Marketing Ideas to Land More Clients

In an article published last year in Ted, an energy study conducted found that homes in the US are incredibly energy inefficient. When compared to similar-sized homes in Europe, on average, US homes consume 2x the amount of energy with only homes in Canada consuming more due to the severe climate prevalent for most of the year.

Drone Photography for Marketing Your Construction Business

As is evident by the spate of new projects springing up all across Western Massachusetts, the construction industry continues to thrive. Despite slowdowns due to Covid, resource & supply chain crunches, and a genuine shortage of skilled manpower, companies in this sector are scrambling to keep pace with demand in residential and commercial sectors. 

Drone Inspections in Different Industries

In 2017, a pipeline leak in Alabama spilt hundreds of thousands of gallons of gasoline into the soil and nearby waterways. The cause? A crack in a buried section of the line was detected via aerial inspection - visual data collected from drones flying over the affected area. According to Colonial Pipeline Company spokesman David York, "had we not been using this technique, we may not have discovered it until the next time we physically walked the line." ( Drone Business Magazine, 2017)

Drone Visual Inspections 101

In virtually every sector that needs visual inspections as a part of its routine maintenance procedures, drones are now being used. By collecting visible data on the condition of an asset using a drone, drone inspections save inspectors from having to put themselves in hazardous situations. Instead of putting himself or herself in harm's way to inspect a joint, a guidewire, or an electronic component like an antenna, or working on scaffolding within a boiler to check a weld, an inspector may dispatch a drone.

How Drone Inspections are Helping Cities & Local Governments

Quickly making itself as ubiquitous in the English language as Xerox or Google, Drones have enormous potential in a wide array of industries but have simultaneously suffered from a love-hate relationship with local city governments and municipalities. While there have been numerous high-profile drone catastrophes, which raise genuine concerns, they represent a small percentage of drone operations, the vast majority of which contribute to enhancing and serving communities for the better. 

Drones in Construction - 5 Big Benefits

The use of drones in construction has already resulted in several modifications in the way structures are constructed. In recent years, drones have assisted in many construction advances,  including increased reporting accuracy, improved safety conditions, cost reduction, and increased efficiency.

6 Benefits of Drones in Construction

Historically, the construction industry is known for inefficiencies, cost overruns, and delays. While most construction companies will tout their stellar records of delivering projects on time and under budget, for the most part, these buzzwords remain just that and don't reflect the accurate picture on the ground. 

How Drone Photography Helps Potential Homeowners

Drones are helping new homebuyers with a bird's eye view of their new homes. Real estate marketing is evolving and using Drone Technology; prospective homeowners benefit from viewing their new homes through every possible lens. 

How Drones Can Help Make Smarter Property Decisions

It's no secret that drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry. They are affordable to use, incredibly labor-saving, and provide new methods of photography for real estate that traditional photographic techniques cannot match. 

Top 3 Benefits of Working With Drone Agencies for Listing Assets

Any home buyer would like to get a natural feel of their home before visiting it. To get a sense of what amenities are included, what the layout and landscaping are like, and more. Real estate agents who provide their potential clients with aerial images of their listings can quickly generate more leads and expect more conversions.

Water Tank Inspections by Drone

The City of Easthampton hired Web-tactics, MA to conduct a drone inspection on two of the city's water tanks. When you have your tank regularly inspected, small issues can be identified and addressed before they become huge problems, saving money in the long term.

7 uses of drones in real estate | Western Mass Drones

Are you wondering how you can change the way your real estate business operates to suit the ever-changing needs of the 21st-century customer base? Well, one thing that will certainly put you on the right pedestal is the introduction of drones. Why have drones taken a front seat today? Well, it’s partly because the consumption of high-quality video and graphic content by the audience has grown beyond bounds.

6 Things No One Tells You About Indoor Drone Photography

Drone photography by itself is a tricky thing to master. Add the complexity of flying indoors, and the chances of getting that perfect shot for your website, your business collateral, or your sales team, becomes exponentially harder. Here are 6 aspects to aerial drone photography indoors that most drone websites don't tell you. 

Commercial Drone Photography for the Sisters of Providence

Web-tactics was hired to take aerial drone photos of Providence Place at Ingleside - an exceptional 55-plus active adult independent living and retirement community located on a scenic hilltop in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Landscape Construction and Design Drone Photography & Video

Drones can be an incredibly powerful tool for photography and video. The aerial views that are available using a drone can capture an entirely different vantage point and produce a stunning result. It’s fair to say that drones for landscape construction and design photography can be a game changer when it comes to our client’s sales and marketing approach.

11 Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

You’ve started on your lists of small repairs, you’ve contacted a real estate agent, and now you’re in the final steps of getting ready to sell your house. But before you put your home up for sale, and certainly before having your first open house, here are 11 things to consider that most home sellers forget to think about and could cost you a sale.

Drones for Commercial Uses

Have you ever wondered how you could get the commercial for your business to really stand out from the rest? Well look no further than the use of a drone. Unlike a regular video camera that would only be able to get a certain view, drones can do so much more. Below you will find a few benefits you can gain by using drone videography for your next company commercial.

Hire a Drone Company For Your Wedding. Here's Why

Planning for life’s big events is never easy. You want to be present, able to enjoy the moment without fretting over the details. Wedding days are a prime example of this—the food is taken care of, the guest list is no longer an issue, all preliminaries have been organized to a T. Here lies the ultimate question: who is going to document your special day? Surely none of your guests (even the closest of friends who have helped orchestrate this thing) want to be put in charge of a task such as this. What to do?

5 Ways Drone Videography Is Different from Regular Videography

Drones used to be something the military used for combat. They were, for a long, long time, robots designed for combat. Although, with the invention of the GoPro camera and the rise of video sharing sites, drones are becoming more and more common.

Real Estate + Drones = Closed Listings

Real estate has taken a form of innovation recently. Real estate’s agents have a new intelligence they are adding to their business, which is the introduction of drone.

4 Tips for Traveling with a Drone in Western MA

A drone can be used for all kinds of purposes. Some people use them as a hobby. You can take some great aerial photos with them or simply view the landscape of an area.

The Growing Use of Drones at Events

The use of drones at events is becoming more common every day. In fact, drones are one of the hottest event tech trends, and they’re being used in a wide variety of creative ways at all kinds of events. From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drones are providing entertainment, advertising, security, and more.

Drones: Revolutionizing Landscape Design and Construction

The use of drone technology has quite literally elevated landscape project photography. Providing the ability to capture an entire project in one photo with aerial angles, drones also allow photographers to zoom in on specific details of a project with ease. They are sweeping through the landscape design/build industry with trending force.

3 Construction Challenges Drones Are Making Easier

Construction sites across the world rely on drone technology to plan, monitor, and track the progress of their ongoing projects. Used by everyone from the site superintendent to the C-level executive, the real-time data capabilities of Web-tactics-equipped machines offer unparalleled insights into the construction process, helping companies stay safely on budget, on time.

A new perspective: drones and real estate

Until recently, if a realtor needed aerial photography of large properties there were two not great options, using a grainy Google satellite image or hiring a very expensive chartered helicopter.

How to choose a Real Estate Aerial Photographer

Why is the real estate photographer so important?

When people look for a new property online, the key to making your house stand out from the competition is through the high-quality, visually appealing, and eye-catching visuals.