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3 Construction Challenges Drones Are Making Easier

Construction sites across the world rely on drone technology to plan, monitor, and track the progress of their ongoing projects. Used by everyone from the site superintendent to the C-level executive, the real-time data capabilities of Web-tactics-equipped machines offer unparalleled insights into the construction process, helping companies stay safely on budget, on time.

drone photography for construction

While every undertaking is unique, many construction projects in Western Massachusetts run into the same kinds of issues that can slow down progress or cause harm to workers on the ground. Here are three of the major construction challenges that drones now solve on a regular basis:

1. Planning Complex Projects

Accurately surveying your job site or project requires a tremendous amount of work. Whether it’s grading the land or evaluating site conditions, anything to help streamline the project planning process and shave weeks off of the project can end up saving significant amounts of money.

Tracking the progress of any construction project from start to finish, drones use aerial imagery to create real-time maps through which managers can inspect locations and make proactive decisions via actionable data.

2. Mitigating Dangerous Conditions

In the world of construction, nothing is more paramount than the safety of the workers with boots on the ground. Weather conditions, natural disasters or other hazardous conditions can get in the way of construction, impeding progress and potentially putting the construction crew at risk.

Drones equipped with live video feeds make it possible to accurately assess the real-time conditions for workers on any construction site. By surveying the site from a bird’s-eye view, construction crews will be able to proactively address any potential risks and keep danger at arm’s length.

3. Edging Over Glacier-like Technology

Construction tools of the past may have had access to limited technology that made it somewhat easier to assess, plan and execute projects, but many legacy solutions often required extra steps or access points to recover information. Downloading gigabytes of data from an SD card or over a weak internet connection could take hours or days — before the data could even be used for anything.

Photos and videos from Web-tactics' drones are just that, providing data that’s captured in real-time with no additional capabilities required to process or transmit the information. High-resolution photos and videos can be shared with clients, collaborators and team members instantly.