About Western Mass Drones

Western Mass Drones provides aerial photography, videography, and data collection using a remote-controlled, multi-rotor camera platform to solve problems that can’t be seen from the ground. Besides being skilled at Drone flight, we also provide ground photography. 

The Western Mass Drones team has honed its expertise in flying state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We use only the “best in class” level of equipment flown by FAA licensed, Drone Flight Crews experienced in capturing ultra-high-resolution video and pro-grade resolution photography for our clients.

Call our team of licensed pilots when you need to capture stunning photos and videos without the need for expensive, noisy helicopters, cumbersome dolly rails, cranes, or jibs.

Our UAV systems offer more flexibility than the traditional methods for obtaining aerial inspections from elevated vantage points. We can obtain difficult shots and we can be airborne in a matter of minutes.

You will receive broadcast quality HD film and data from experienced drone pilots who undergo vigorous training and flight certifications.

Our Drone Flight Crews, vehicles, and UAV platforms are commercially insured to industry standards with an insurance carrier licensed to conduct business in each of the identified states. Our FAA Approved drone pilots operate custom configured, precision drones that are engineered to fit the needs of the shot.

We have invested in the best equipment this new industry has to offer so that you receive the maximum return on your investment. All of our batteries, computers and data cards are backed up with multiple items.

We can operate at an elevation range spanning from a couple of feet above the ground to 400 feet in the air that is the legal limit mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Our flight crews are trained to create experiences that will thrill and inspire even the most discerning audiences.