Drone Wedding Photography in Western Massachusetts

Capture the memories of your special day through unforgettable aerial photography & videography

Have a Memorable Aerial Photo and Video of your event done by our drone. Guests will be blown away! Your wedding day is one of the most, memorable and exciting days of your life. It's a BIG deal and needs to be treated that way. Imagine breath-taking aerial photos and video of the Bride's journey to the wedding venue, arriving and meeting her Wedding Party and the Groom.

Using HD mounted cameras on our drones, enables us to take stunning video and photos of just about anything on your special day that you can imagine from a completely different perspective, like capturing aerial footage of the Bride & Groom mingling, the ceremony, the beautifully set surroundings, and anything else you can think of. By using drone technology on your wedding day, aerial photos and video will set your special day apart from all other weddings. We will work alongside your wedding photographer in order to get the best footage for you, but please remember, we are not a replacement for a traditional wedding photographer - We are a unique addition.

We can make your wedding day breathtakingly unique and capture amazing aerial shots that will complement your photographer's work. We can shoot at different angles and heights for that special photograph or video, photo and videos that your friends will not have or have ever seen before. Imagine a photo from 20ft, 50ft, 100ft, 200ft or even 400ft above the ground. Imagine flying over your wedding party while they toast the bride and groom all stood in a heart shape? This and other spectacular images cannot be captured by any other means. The possibilities are endless.


Drone Wedding Services We Offer

  • Aerial drone photography

  • Drone videography

  • Image editing & touchups 

  • Video creation


Primary Areas of Service

We serve the entire Western Massachusetts region, from The Berkshires, to Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, and more.