Drones Roof Inspection in Western Massachusetts

Fast, informative, and affordable roofing inspection services by drone through detailed aerial photography & videography

Regular roofing inspections are important to catch small problems before they become big, expensive issues. With drones, we can quickly and easily conduct an inspection without putting anyone in harm's way or incurring heavy expenses related to hiring specialized manpower and equipment.

How Drone Roof Inspections Work

Our roofing inspection service is simple: we send a drone up to capture high-resolution photos and video of your roof. Our team then goes through the footage to identify any potential problems, which we document in a detailed report. This report will include information on the severity of the issue, as well as our recommendation for the next steps.


Benefit of Drone Roof Inspection

Quick and easy to set up

Without any of the costly and complicated setup typically required for rooftop inspections, a roofing inspection by drone is as easy as making a phone call to a trusted service provider like Web-tactics, and having them come down on a specific time and date and flying the drone in a pre-planned pattern to capture as much high-definition data on the roof as possible.

Valuable Data Collection

With a drone, you may capture high-resolution images of commercial and residential rooftops, as well as other assets. View roof structure, detect leaks and flaws, or simply discover present vents, HVAC systems, or solar panels already on the roof and assess their current operational condition.

Faster Decision Making

Aerial photography taken from the top of a building can help you make better, smarter, and more informed decisions. Whether you're reshingling a roof, putting solar panels on it, conducting HVAC maintenance, or something else, find out how your rooftop repair affects the energy efficiency and performance of your home. More importantly, drone rooftop inspections allow for the inspection report to be received in as little as 24 hours so you can make timely and informed decisions about your property.


Drone roof inspections are more affordable than traditional methods, and there are no extra costs associated with travel, permits, or other expenses typically required for a ground-based inspection.


Things to Consider when Performing Drone Roof Inspections

  1. Inspections should only be conducted by trained and certified professionals.

  2. The correct equipment must be used to ensure the safety of the drone and the operator.

  3. Drone roof inspections should only be conducted when weather conditions are favorable.

  4. Drone roof inspections should be conducted regularly to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Luckily, when working with an experienced drone company like Web-tactics, all these issues are automatically taken care of, ensuring a hassle-free drone roof inspection experience.