Real Estate Drone Photography in Western MA

Showcase your listings through high-quality real estate photography & videography that checks all the right boxes for a prospective home-buyer.

Real Estate Drone Photography Services in Western Massachusetts

At Western Mass Drones, we understand the impact a drone can have on your real estate business. Owned and managed by Web-tactics, inc., one of the best digital marketing agencies in Western MA, our certified, insured team of FAA authorized commercial drone pilots create spectacular perspectives, video tours, and aerial drone photography that help our real estate clients stand out.











Here's 3 Reasons Why Drones for Real Estate Photography Works


Reason 1

Aerial Drone Photography Makes Listings Pop 


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Whether you're sitting on unsold listings or have new ones in the portfolio, drones can help you make your listings stand out. With hundreds of Realtors in the market all competing for the same homebuyer, your listings must be visually stunning and informative. From video-tours of the property's interior to perspectives and viewpoints otherwise impossible to get, our team can help your prospective buyers easily imagine themselves owning the property.


Reason 2

Aerial Drone Photography Gives Answers to Difficult Questions


Aerial real estate photography


From how far the boundary wall is from your nearest neighbour to exactly how wooded the area around the house is, drones can quickly answer these types of difficult questions. Given that it's practically impossible to plan for every kind of question a prospective homebuyer might ask, it's essential to have different viewpoints catered to - something our team of certified drone pilots are well experienced in.



Reason 3

Drone Photography Make Your Listings Look Professional


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Homeowners today are savvier than ever before. Chances are before they speak to you, they have already checked you out online, browsed through a couple of options, and even talked to a few competing agents over the phone. Given how important it is to make an excellent first impression, residential drone photography shows off your marketing skills and demonstrates your commitment to helping them sell their home. 



More Info About Our Drone Services in Western Massachusetts


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Western Mass Drones' Drones are maneuverable, compact, and durable. These unique flying devices can capture new perspectives over common water features such as lakes, rivers, and beaches. Our video drones have a range of over 2 miles, can fly at an altitude of several hundred feet and can hover over a pond or speed out over a lake. This is the perfect device for touring a property in Western, MA, filming acreage in the Hilltowns, or exploring the neigborhoods around the home for sale. Take your prospective real estate buyers on a thrilling, high-definition video adventure by touring the property for sale from the ground up! Web-tactics'  drone production teams are available throughout Western, MA.

Western Mass Drones maintains and operates several quadcopter drones that film 4K video and can transmit UHD, FHD and HD quality video signals to multiple devices over 2 miles away. The drones can hover indoors and are compact, weighing less than 7 pounds.The possibilities are endless with drone flyovers producing incredible video and still photography. Choose from many different features and effects, and apply professional flying and videography techniques that will blow your audience away. There is no end to the creativity available with a video drone flyover.


Our Service Areas

We offer real estate drone photogarphy services all across Western Massachusetts. For more information, click on the links below for each respective county.