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Top 3 Benefits of Working With Drone Agencies for Listing Assets

Any home buyer would like to get a natural feel of their home before visiting it. To get a sense of what amenities are included, what the layout and landscaping are like, and more. Real estate agents who provide their potential clients with aerial images of their listings can quickly generate more leads and expect more conversions.

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For stunning videos and photos of a real estate project, agents need to invest in drone photography for real estate. Homes listed with drone-generated aerial imagery typically sell up to 68% faster than listings without supported aerial imagery. While real estate agents might be tempted to try their hand at drone photography, it's best left to the professionals since a poorly taken photo or video could do more harm than good. While there are many uses of drones in real estate,


Here are the top 3 Benefits of Working With Drone Agencies



Getting the right aerial imagery requires the right combination of skills and a certified UAV license from the FAA. Years of experience in drone handling, photography, lighting, and more ensure that every listing gets the perfect aerial photo every single time. Given that most realtors typically aren't drone pilots and don't have the right combination of skills or an FAA license, it makes a lot of business sense to leave it to the professionals. While a novice pilot (in this case, a realtor who believes he can do it himself) would need to spend a considerable amount of time getting familiar with the drone as well as the complexities of the location, weather, and perspectives required, a professional drone pilot like the ones at Westernmass Drones have years of experience to fall back on. In just a matter of hours, the location has been surveyed, perspectives mapped, drone flight achieved, and high-quality real estate drone photography delivered on any given drone shoot. The golden rule to follow here is that the income lost from lower sales is far greater than the savings in professional fees paid to drone agencies. Focus on marketing your listings and building relationships with clients new and old while the agency capture stunning, high-quality aerial imagery of your listings for maximum saleability.



Creating stunning aerial imagery that captures the listing's main features from all the right angles requires more than just skill or the knowledge of how to fly a drone. It needs a photographers eye to know what angles to look for, how lighting will affect the final image, and so on. The adage in this regard is true that while almost everyone can operate a camera, not everyone is a photographer. Drone agencies in the business for years like Westernmass Drones can quickly understand and work out what the listing needs to generate buyer interest. A drone shoot is much more than just an image. It's a narrative that tells a story about the property. What makes it special, unique, and why the person who buys it will find more than just a house, but a home. This natural flow of information helps tremendously in conversions.


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Knowledge of Regulations

Drone flight anywhere in the US is subject to FAA regulation, and there are laws, rules, and restrictions that Drone Pilots need to be constantly up to date and certified on. While it is unfortunate to see real estate companies fly drones illegally or hire unlicensed drone pilots, the risk is that any violations of these rules can lead to heavy government penalties and a tremendous waste of time and money. With a certified drone agency like Westernmass Drones, all these problems disappear. The agency focuses on getting the best asset for the listing. In contrast, the Realtor can focus on servicing existing clients and acquiring new ones.


Final Thoughts

Real estate agents need to focus on their core area, marketing their listed properties. Drone photos and videos speed up the sales process, and to get the most mileage from a drone shoot, a professional drone agency is ideal.