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7 uses of drones in real estate | Western Mass Drones

Are you wondering how you can change the way your real estate business operates to suit the ever-changing needs of the 21st-century customer base? Well, one thing that will certainly put you on the right pedestal is the introduction of drones. Why have drones taken a front seat today? Well, it’s partly because the consumption of high-quality video and graphic content by the audience has grown beyond bounds.



Drone photography supplements your visual aesthetic efforts by providing your customer with a refined view from various angles, bringing out the best in your offerings. Let’s explore how the use of drones can help real estate businesses and realtors in the contemporary world. 


Dynamic Visuals

The creation of dynamic visuals is one of the most important benefits that drones offer real estate players. The UAV’s swift aerial mobility allows them to capture high-quality aerial images from multiple angles that helps entice customers and compels them to buy/rent a property. Drones are equipped with intelligent sensors and powerful cameras that enable them to provide unmatched visuals which can be used for marketing the property. Drone photography is the most efficient way to capture a high-resolution pictures for the marketing of properties. 


Improves Listings

aerial drone photography visuals 3

The traditional listing methods didn’t allow customers to evaluate the overall look and feel of a place. It had its constraints and customers needed to physically visit a place before they could make their decision. The modern-day listings have a dedicated section for drone imagery, 3D models, geo-mapping, etc.  All these features help with better decision-making and boost customer satisfaction.


Location Spotting

Now, this is one of the most interesting use cases for drones in the real-estate segment. If you are looking to host an event somewhere far from your present location and have time restrictions for physically visiting the place, drones are a great way to explore the venue without being physically available. It’s also very difficult to assess the whole area by just walking through the place, aerial views provide you with a better overall measurement of the place.



In the modern digital age, effective marketing is all about personalization and connecting with your customers on an individual basis. Storytelling helps create an emotional connection with the people, and better storytelling can help you obtain more listings and eventually improve your conversion rates when it comes to selling homes. It’s important to note that, unlike other investments, buying a house has an emotional quotient attached to it. It gives the buyers a reason to buy and also helps you bank on the impulse purchase behavior factor. Using drones will certainly help you improve your storytelling.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have gained special significance in the post-pandemic era. Nationwide shutdowns have restricted the movement of people across cities and countries. Now, this creates a real challenge for people who are looking to buy properties since it requires a detailed inspection of the place. Virtual tours using high-quality drone cameras have bridged this gap by providing the customers with detailed and accurate visuals of the place. Also, drone photography for real estate is way cheaper than the traditional alternatives available in the market.


Social Media Presence

Drones certainly add a new angle to supplement your social media growth efforts. Aerial drone photography is a boon for players in the real estate industry. It is also quite popular among the audience; motion shots and 360-degree views can certainly boost the marketing efforts for realtors. The benefits of using a drone for your business go much beyond just capturing aerial and motion shots of good video content. It helps to build your social media presence and establish yourself as a robust brand using high-quality images and videos to interact with your audience.


Construction Management

construction drone photography

It comes as no surprise that drones are proving to be a game-changer for players in the construction industry. Architects are widely using footage of a site or property to create a 3D depiction of the structures they aim to build for their clients. Construction drone servicescan help real estate players and architects establish proof of concept more easily. Additionally, construction site managers are using drones for inspections, progress surveys, and other tasks that would typically be too time or labor intensive to be done manually. 



Drones have proved to be a real asset for the real estate industry players. It has a huge potential when it comes to providing high-quality graphic content to convince a customer to invest in various types of real estate offerings. If you aren’t already using drones for your real-estate business, join the revolution today!