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Landscape Construction and Design Drone Photography & Video

Drones can be an incredibly powerful tool for photography and video. The aerial views that are available using a drone can capture an entirely different vantage point and produce a stunning result. It’s fair to say that drones for landscape construction and design photography can be a game changer when it comes to our client’s sales and marketing approach.

As a tool of this digital era, getting on board with drone photography and video is helping keep our landscaping clients at the top of the game.

Drones pose exciting new possibilities when it comes to creating videos and photography for marketing and advertising purposes. Web-tactics has been utilizing drones for our clients, to take their portfolios of work to the next level.
Photography has always been key to showcasing our client’s landscaping work. In fact, they used to rely heavily on photography to help sell jobs. And now, with Web-tactics’ Drone Services for landscape photography and video, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of the shots they can get.

In Landscape Construction and Design your next job always comes from the last job, and photos and videos have a lot to do with that. With a drone, you can get views that aren’t possible with a regular camera. For example, you can fly a drone off the edge of a cliff and get an incredible shot of a vanishing edge pool.

Hiring an experienced, professional Drone Pilot is a must. Considering not only the learning curve but the FAA regulations that are put in place for flying a drone, drone expertise is extremely important. To fly a drone as a hobby, it needs to only be registered. But the minute you start making money off of your drone, you need to be in line with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 ruling, which includes needing a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating.
There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and most landscape companies don’t want to take those risks. You not only have to consider whether the drone could ever fall on an object or person but whether it could potentially fall onto a roadway and cause an accident. These are reasons it makes sense to leave the flying to professionals like Web-tactics.

There are a lot of companies who believe this is something easy to do on their own, but once they realize everything that’s involved, they begin to recognize the investment of time and money and the value of hiring someone. Our company offers competitive pricing and takes care of everything. It takes the hassle out of the equation.

Utilizing drone photography also makes our client’s customers feel special and there’s a benefit to that enthusiasm. Their customers get excited about having their project photographed and then they want to share the video on social media. What better marketing tool is there than that? Anything you can do to get an edge on the competition is important. If a customer has the choice between working with you, a landscape company that is utilizing drone footage, or a company that has a website that looks a decade or two old with out-of-date pictures, they’re going to choose you.