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How Drones Can Help Make Smarter Property Decisions

It's no secret that drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry. They are affordable to use, incredibly labor-saving, and provide new methods of photography for real estate that traditional photographic techniques cannot match. 

drone with camera flying construction site 1

When it comes to real estate, drones have tremendous benefits in terms of safety and efficiency. In many cases, real estate management firms are already using drones to undertake external property inspections at a significantly lower cost than they would otherwise incur through manual inspection methods. While there are several reasons why investing in drone photography for real estate is a no-brainer - more efficient processes, better decision-making, and less friction in problem resolution being just a few, continue reading to learn how drone photography for real estate helps property managers anticipate upcoming needs, stay informed, and more efficiently execute projects.


Five ways drones help property managers make more intelligent decisions.

Making Inspections More Efficient


For property managers with an extensive portfolio, having sufficient resources and equipment to inspect, maintain, and manage the assets is a daily struggle. Drones are a tremendous multiplier in this regard as they can make a substantial positive impact in terms of resource allocation planning. What used to take a team of people with specialized equipment to inspect just one building facade can now be done in less time, enabling the team to survey more sites faster and in more detail. More importantly to company operations, drone teams are significantly more affordable than traditional surveying methods as many costs associated with safety equipment, manpower training, and transport of said equipment are non-existent. 

Drones Strengthen Your Company's Operations

Across all 50 states in this country, the real estate market is fiercely competitive. Often time, the company that succeeds is the one that moves the fastest and has access to the best data. Drones can streamline an entire set of operations ranging from inspections to maintenance to accounting. All the relevant departments have access to the most critical data faster when compared to traditional survey methods. 

Making Better Decisions in Property Management

Better decisions can make the difference between spending a fortune to fix a problem or spending a small amount on fixing precisely what the issue is. By getting in close into spaces that are typically inaccessible, drones help property managers get to the heart of the problems to resolve them before they snowball. 

drone with camera flying construction site


Customizable Inspections

Drones are remarkably adaptable for a wide variety of different inspection scenarios. From surveying roofs and water towers to inspecting HVAC systems and thermal imaging of seals to check for leaks, property managers have a veritable arsenal of options to choose from. By working with either an in-house team or certified drone agencies like Western Mass Drones, property managers are more agile than ever before. 

Digital Data Collection

The use of drones for property inspection provides granular and accurate data, which allows for more effective assessments of the status of properties and smoother project management. The human work aspect is eliminated, which frees up time and resources to focus on tasks that provide better results. 


The increasing popularity of drone photography for real estate and the adaptive nature of their applications is forcing property management firms to evolve and take advantage of the unique benefits and outlooks that drones provide.