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Drone Photography for Marketing Your Construction Business

As is evident by the spate of new projects springing up all across Western Massachusetts, the construction industry continues to thrive. Despite slowdowns due to Covid, resource & supply chain crunches, and a genuine shortage of skilled manpower, companies in this sector are scrambling to keep pace with demand in residential and commercial sectors. 

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To keep pace, companies in this space routinely turn to new technology to perform specialized tasks and assist on-ground teams with their deliverables. One such technology is drones. Drones in construction have become almost ubiquitous on construction sites across Western Mass as it helps make the entire project more cost-effective and efficient. And while drones used for construction-related tasks like site surveying, progress monitoring, and so forth are commonplace these days, one aspect that is gaining popularity is marketing. Drone photography has become an effective marketing tool for construction businesses looking to reach out to potential clients.

Whether you're a construction company, a contractor, or an individual working in construction, using drones for your marketing efforts opens up new avenues for showcasing your brand, your clients, and your projects through high-quality videography that you can easily leverage on platforms like: 

  • Website & landing pages

  • Social media channels

  • Commercials

  • Presentations

  • Blogs

  • Enewsletters/ Email blasts

  • Digital advertisements

And high-quality photography that can be used on platforms like: 

  • Website

  • Social media channels

  • Print materials (brochures, direct mail, flyers, etc.)

  • Annual reports

  • Trade show displays

  • Enewsletters/Email blasts

  • Blogs

  • Outdoor advertisements (billboards, benches, etc.)

  • Environmental branding

Here are eight ways to use Drones to improve your construction marketing game:


Timelapse Drone Photography: 

Many construction companies only produce images and videos during the first and last stages of a project - groundbreaking and grand opening, respectively. While these two events mark important milestones in the construction process, there are more than just these two stages. Your construction marketing efforts can benefit from high-quality photography or even timelapse drone photography that showcases the capabilities of your team to finish projects on time and under budget. 


Drone Videography for Video Marketing: 

Many construction companies have abandoned video marketing, citing reasons that range from price to difficulty in production. However, companies forget that videos are more pervasive than ever before, and they continue to be an essential factor in driving traffic to a construction project website.


Drone Photography for Marketing Your Employees: 

As any construction site manager will attest, a project is only as good as the employees entrusted to complete it. Apart from taking regular shots of your company logo and other branding elements, set aside a day or two every month where you shoot videos of your employees at work. Such content helps paint a picture of the company for potential clients and can widely be used in marketing collateral.


Drone Photography & Marketing For Your Clients: 

Did you know that construction companies are increasingly expected to provide post-project images & videos? Gone are the days when contractors could show up on-site, build something, and leave. Today's clients expect more than just a finished structure; they want to see it coming together too. Give them what they need and wow them with high-quality images & videos of your projects in progress so that they can visualize the final product better.


Drone Photography for Marketing Your Craftsmen: 

Another element that construction companies often neglect in their marketing efforts is craftsmanship. But when you can show off your employees' skills in an aerial shot, it goes a long way in adding credibility to the services you offer (not to mention that it's much more interesting than ground-level shots).


Drone Photography for Marketing Your Location: 

If there was one thing construction companies were effective at marketing in the past, it was their location. Point out how your project is built on a beautiful river bank or next to an idyllic mountain range. These shots are so unique that they not only help potential clients visualize your finished product better but also sell them on why your company is the right choice for their project.


Drone Photography for Marketing Your Materials: 

The more you understand the importance of marketing, the better your construction business will be. One tactical mistake that many construction companies make is overemphasizing one aspect of a structure over others. Consider an example of a residential home construction project; don't just show off the interiors; take a shot of the exterior using a drone. This way, you'll be able to highlight the material used for the house while maintaining balance in your marketing strategy.


Drone Photography for Marketing Your Brand: 

One key aspect of your construction company's image is the overall brand - from its logo to other elements such as colors and taglines. Go beyond just highlighting your logo by taking regular aerial shots of specific construction projects that incorporate your brand colors without looking too busy.



The bottom line is this: find a creative way to showcase the many aspects of your construction business and don't stop until you've created something truly unique and exciting. Remember, the first step is always the hardest one. But once you come up with compelling content, it'll be much easier for your marketing team to create more of them (and that's when your company will truly benefit). If you're in the need of a drone company that's been recognized as 'best in the valley' for two years running and with over two decades of experience in drone photography & videography and digital marketing, then look no further than Western Mass Drones, a unit of Web-tactics, inc.