Your Trusted Drone Company in Greenfield


Who We Are

When you're looking for a well-known drone company in Greenfield and Franklin County, you're usually referring to Western Mass Drones. We are your local drone experts, just like any trusted partner for your business, our team of FAA Certified Drone Pilots is always ready to help you when you need it.

We provide professional, fast, and inexpensive services for everything from inspecting a church steeple to assessing a building façade to examining the roof of your house. We understand the ins and outs of drone photography - from local and state rules & regulations to the best ways to get excellent images and videos both indoors and outside, day or night - which allows us to provide you with the best possible service.

We take pleasure in our job. We treat everyone with respect and our staff members are true experts. From showing up on time for initial meetings to discuss the project to providing you with a quotation within 24 hours and getting the work done without hassle or delay, we will do everything we possibly can to meet your expectations.

Don't take our word for it though. There's a reason why we've won 'Best in Valley' for two years in a row.


Our Services

While the drone sector is extremely competitive, with numerous major and minor players, we've learned that claiming to be experts in every type of drone service imaginable is a waste of time. That's why we specialize in assisting local businesses in Greenfield with their drone needs.

Just a few of the sectors we services are listed below:


Drone Construction Site Monitoring

The drone services we offer assist project managers and construction site supervisors with progress reports, safety audits, and more.


Drone Marketing for Construction Professionals and Contractors

The images and videos we capture help professionals in the construction industry like contractors, craftsmen, roofers, framers, and more market themselves to potential clients by highlighting projects and the exceptional work they do.


Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography Services

From drone images of the exterior & interior of a home to drone video flyovers of neighborhoods and property listings, we provide home sellers and buyers with the information they need to make sound decisions.


Lands Surveying Services

We work with land surveyors to provide high-quality drone images and videos for property assessments, land planning, volume calculation, and more.


Farm drone services

From crop mapping to monitoring livestock, our drone services help farmers increase efficiency, save money, and protect their crops.


Landscaping Photography by Drone

We help professional landscapers survey the project site prior to developing a design for their clients, and then monitor the project to make sure everything is on schedule. Lastly, we help them capture stunning imagery of the finishing landscape to land new clients.


Drone Inspection Services

We help business owners and homeowners inspect their property for damage with drone-captured images and videos.


Drone Solar Panel Inspections

We help solar companies conduct drone inspections of their projects, whether it's a single home or an entire solar farm.


Drone Wedding Photography and Videography

We capture drone footage of weddings to help couples remember their special day for years to come.


Church Steeple Inspections by Drone

We help churches keep an eye on their steeples and other important architectural features with drone inspections.


Drone Event Photography

We provide drone photography and video services for events like concerts, graduations, and more.


Drone Roof Inspection

We help property owners inspect their roofs for damage with drone-captured images and videos.


Drone Chimney Inspection

We help businesses and homeowners inspect their chimneys for damage with drone-captured images and videos.


Drone Golf Course Photography

We help golf courses market themselves to potential clients with drone-captured images and videos of their courses.


Drone Sports Photography

We help sports teams and athletes capture stunning drone footage of their games and events.



Locally Owned & Operated

As a company, our goal is to serve the community with the highest standard of quality work and professionalism. Our goal is always to meet your drone photography and videography needs on time, within your budget, and with transparency. Our office is always just a phone call away.