Drone Agriculture & Vineyard Inspection services in Western Massachusetts

More information, less time

One of the major benefits of drones is their ability to scout farm fields both quickly and efficiently. Rather than having growers evaluate fields manually on foot or by tractor, this technology allows farmers to gain immediate knowledge about the status of their fields in shorter periods of time.

This information can be gathered whenever and wherever it is needed, minimizing the response time required to address issues and maintain crops.

It’s impossible for farmers to keep an eye on thousands of acres of crops every day, which is what makes drone technology so attractive for vineyards. Drones can help determine the quality of grapes being grown and provide estimates of how many grapes will be produced in the next harvest.
Overall, drones can help give vineyard owners a clearer picture of what is happening in the vineyard. For example, they may be able to pinpoint zones where vigor is higher than desired to remove those zones from a fertilizer program. This is useful because if a vine’s growth is too vigorous, it can create a dense canopy that prevents sun exposure and ripening of the grapes. Vineyard owners can also monitor water saturation and pest damage to know where to spray insecticides with drone technology. Some vineyards have used tanks strapped to the sides of drones to spray their vineyards for diseases.

Droughts have plagued so many American vineyards in recent years. This is a major reason why farmers are looking to drones for help. Hail damage is another common concern. Drones can help inspect the fields to assess damage after hail storms.

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